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Supply Chain Management Implementation


Transform your supply chain with Radiant Wheels. Working together we’ll build a supply chain implementation plan beginning with a project timeline, an outline of specific tasks and milestones to be achieved during the implementation of any new service or solution and we’ll ensure a seamless transition. We define and allocate all necessary resources for the successful implementation of your selected supply chain management program while minimizing business disruption.

Wheels' solutions are custom-tailored to meet your exact specifications.

 We perform an interactive evaluation and analysis to:

  • Properly align the project scope and timeline to each client's business challenge
  • Identify key logistics to ensure a successful implementation
Our general implementation management deliverables include:

  • A high-level scope document
  • A phasing strategy
  • A project timeline
  • A risk management assessment
  • Cost estimates
  • Defined resources, roles, and responsibilities
  • A project governance structure

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