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Radiant Clipper USA: 800.678.2547

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Refrigerated Rail Car Solutions

 Always Retail Ready

Your time-sensitive cargo needs to have speed to market to drive positive results for your business. As a proven on-time performance leader in temperature controlled transportation, our centralized, coast-to-coast intermodal services utilizes refrigerated rail cars to provide your product with the care and control your fresh or frozen shipments requires, 24/7.

Access peace of mind, knowing your valuable cargo will get where it needs to be in the best possible condition.

You get access to:

  • A fleet of 660 intermodal refrigerated trailers (TOFC)
  • Direct, daily expedited temperature-controlled full or partial shipment with coast-to-coast coverage
  • Transportation of all perishable commodities
  • North American and cross-border protective service shipping
  • Temperature-control transload capabilities
  • Regional and local temperature-control distribution

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